This is the Secret to Protecting Yourself from Violent Assaults

The Tactical Pen enables you to protect yourself without carrying a gun, a knife or pepper spray and doesn’t require you to take years of martial arts training.


According to experts, the StrikePen TACTICAL PEN is the must have personal defense item available on the market today.

Now you can be ready in any emergency situation by carrying the most versatile, compact and discreet item that can save your life. This multi-function Tactical Pen by packs a serious punch. Designed from aircraft-grade aluminum, it boasts a tungsten steel glass-break tip, a stainless steel removable razor-sharp blade, a blindingly bright LED light and a smooth-writing rollerball pen.

This pen looks just as good in the boardroom as it does in field

The StrikePen Tactical Pen will not only performs well in the field but also stands out in the office. This pen is both durable and elegant. With its sleek matte black finish with anti-roll, anti-slip diamond laser etching, it balances perfectly in the hand and fits right into the fast-paced corporate world with the pens selling for hundreds more. Additionally, it comes with an extra ballpoint refill and two extra sets of batteries to power the LED. This pen makes for the perfect birthday, holiday or groomsmen gift.

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Fits in your pocket, a concealed self defense tool and allowed on a plane*

*if blade is detached and not in your possession

No other personal defense item is as versatile, compact, affordable and functional as the StrikePen Tactical Pen. If you’re ever in the unfortunate situation of having to thwart an attacker or need to break a window to get out of an emergency situation then you'll appreciate having this pen close at hand.

The StrikePen Tactical Pen is now selling at 75% OFF. Get yours HERE.


  • (1) Aircraft Grade Aluminum Tactical Pen (Matte Black)
  • (1) Integrated Tungsten Steel Glass Break Tip
  • (1) Removable Razor Sharp Steel Blade (1.25” in length)
  • (1) Ballpoint Pen
  • (1) Replacement Ballpoint Pen
  • (1) 80 Lumen LED Light
  • (1) Integrated Steel Pocket Clip for use as Cap-Light
  • (2) Sets LR936 Replacement Batteries
  • Weight: 1.23 oz
  • Dimensions: 5.90” in length

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