How This Tiny Device Can Save You Potentially $1000s In Costly Car Repairs (mechanics hate it)

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Do you get a little stressed out when your car’s ‘Check Engine Light’ comes on? Does your mind start racing, wondering, Is it critical? Is it urgent? Can I keep driving? Or should I pull over immediately!? Who can I call to help? Then you start thinking, Did I miss a service? An oil change? Can I trust the mechanic? Will they try and sell me something I don’t need? Dang it, I can’t afford this right now!!!

Well, what if you could prevent all that angst and worry with a small, affordable little device? Would you be interested?

If avoiding frustrating, often costly, trips to the mechanic sound good to you, then you’re gonna love this new product!


FIXD, a small device you plug into your car and it translates complex problems into simple, understandable terms. Better yet, it automatically sends you oil change and maintenance reminders based on your car’s make, model, and year. Now, you’ll never forget an important car service need! And when that ‘Check Engine Light’ comes on, you’ll know exactly what’s causing it. Plus, it does a lot more. See for yourself…

Watch How Easy & Effortless Using FIXD Is!

FIXD is pretty amazing, right?

And connecting FIXD to your car is fast and easy. You simply plug FIXD into your OBD (on-board diagnostics) reader port – all cars built in the US since 1996 are required to have them. Sync it to your phone using their free app. And just like that, you’re getting the same information a mechanic would give you, but now it’s right in the palm of your hand. How convenient and cool is that?!

And About Those (Shady) Mechanics!

Listen, you don’t have to worry about a shady mechanic trying to take advantage of you again! Because with FIXD, you can see exactly what maintenance items are needed and when! Preventing the mechanic from jacking up the cost by thousands of dollars by adding unnecessary services and replacing parts before needed! That kind of peace-of-mind alone makes FIXD worth every penny!

Your ‘Check Engine Light’ Won’t Worry You Anymore!

Saving Money While Extending The Life Of Your Car Just Got Much Easier!

Look, it doesn’t make sense anymore to rely on little stickers in your window to remind you of your next oil change or postcards in the mail to remind you about your next scheduled maintenance. And why wait for that next rush of anxiety the next time your ‘Check Engine Light’ comes on before you think, Shoot, I knew I should’ve gotten that FIXD device!

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Plus check out the “Family Pack” that offers 3 FIXDs for the price of 2! Order here to get one for every car in your driveway for ultimate peace-of-mind.

YES - Get My FIXD Now!

FIXD is peace-of-mind every driver should have. And really, for little more than the cost of an oil change, FIXD is the most affordable car care tool you’ll ever need!

Check out FIXD for yourself – you might regret it if you don’t!

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